NFT Focused Index Proposal

I like these suggestions. I wanted to add MEME as a suggestion as well. It’s fairly low cap (~$35M at this time) with decent liquidity. It’s used to earn rights to buy NFTs on with staking.

Think it’s probably best to use governance tokens to start and possibly tokens used in the ecosystems. When we start wrapping liquidity becomes a real problem as the valuation on NFTs are highly sub. Also note all the people asking for doki were all one after the other, new accounts, first post and focused only on the platform. Pls no brigade

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concur both types make sense! I wrote in discord channel I would love to see FLOW / WAX / OMI and ENJIN in the mix

The same as there are different indexes for DeFi projects (DEFI5, ORCL5, DEGEN), there should be different indexes for the NFT space that will satisfy the needs of different investors.

NFTX and NFT20? are already working on creating indexes backed by actual NFTs, so we don’t need to recreate the same product since they have more experience in the NFT space and NFTX team already has plans to eventually create a high-level index that will combine PUNKs, MASKs, etc. Instead, we can focus on creating a few indexes that consist of various governance tokens and protocol utility tokens, since such product is still missing from the market.

I’d also suggest to separate in-game tokens that mostly act as an in-game currency (SAND, MANA) from other NFT tokens.

NFTeco index can include ~10 tokens that help build the NFT ecosystem such as NFTX, MUSE, RARI, ENJ?, potentially Open Sea’s token.

GAMEco index will focus strictly on gaming tokens such as MANA, SAND, AXS.

Regards DOKI/AZUKI: Doki Doki’s degacha looks like an NFT casino, so I’d suggest not to include it in the index. I’m sure that their tokens can moon, but many investors won’t buy an index that contains gambling tokens/stonks. Don’t forget about the regulatory risks as well.

I think you need to look up Casino and Degacha. You always get an NFT just random one ,in a Casino you can lose everything.