Application for the LunarCrush ($CRUSH) Index

I am proposing the launch of a LunarCrush Index. If you like the idea, please help to further develop the proposal.

The LunarCrush Index ($CRUSH)

The unique purpose of the index is to enable investors to get exposure to projects that are trending at this very moment, based on the LunarCrush AltRank.

The Index would consist of the top 10 LunarCrush AltRank (LunarCRUSH | Social Media Analytics for Cryptocurrencies) scores and would change daily (or even more frequently), as this index is very time-sensitive. In fact, the fast shifting and balancing of assets in the index would provide extra utility to investors that want to be on top of news trends and story’s as they cannot do this themselves in the same fast manner.

Maybe the balancing can be based on the AltRank like this:

1 20%
2 17,5%
3 15%
4 12,5%
5 10%
6 7,5%
7 6%
8 5%
9 4%
10 2,5%


Please help me figure this out.

Initial value of $CRUSH

Please help me figure this out.

Token’s criteria

Redphonecrypto, 0xBay, please excuse me for using mainly your criteria from the DEGEN index proposal as I do not know enough about the technical side of things. Let’s say this index also has the following criteria for inclusion:

  1. The token has a market cap ranging from $10 million or more (as calcuated by a rolling 14-day TWAP on Uniswap).
  2. This token is at least a week old.
  3. No major vulnerabilities have been discovered in the token contract.
  4. The token’s supply can not be arbitrarily inflated or deflated maliciously.
  5. The control model should be considered if the supply can be modified through governance decisions.
  • The token does not have transfer fees or other non-standard balance updates.
  1. The token meets the requirements of the ERC20 standard.
  • Boolean return values are not required. If a token isn’t an ethereum token, then maybe we can use synths or wrapped tokens?
  1. At least $300,000 worth of Sufficient liquidity is locked in the Uniswap market pair between the token and WETH.
  • This does not apply to WETH.
  1. The token is one of:
  • Protocol token for an Ethereum-based project.
  • Governance token for a DeFi project.
  • Wrapper token for a blockchain’s native currency.

Again, maybe someone has better ideas for this.


In general, I think this Index could get a lot of attention if LunarCrush likes the idea and gets behind it. This will lead to exposure for all the other indices as well.

Maybe we could get in the main menu with a $CRUSH index page where people can see the performance of the index and go to to invest themselves, instead of chasing down all trending tokens. :laughing:


Lunar crush could get exposure back from, but also earn rewards, maybe based on the performance of their index.


I love this idea and want to see it happen. It’d certainly be a fun one to get going.
I’d be willing to be learn how to do the development work and then do it if that were what it took to make this happen.

What if you rebalance based on the 1H rate of change? Is there a penalty (gas) to rebalance hourly?

This is somewhat new to me, forgive me. I am an owner of the index and DEGEN is a large part of my speculative long term wallet. Excited to learn more on the site.

I like this idea, guess have to have it run for a while to see if it’s long term profitable.

Wouldn’t having to rebalance so often be terrible for gas prices? It would also be difficult to have any interest in the project if you never know who is actually in your index. One day it’s one project, the next day it’s completely different. The only “link” would be Lunar Crush, and I’ve never even heard of them until I read this proposal. Would a wider community really care? I want to invest in projects, not Lunar Crush sentiment. But perhaps I’m an outlier.

I do love the $CRUSH name. But outside of that, I would be surprised if you could generate enough interest.

This is an interesting idea, but it seems like it would be too fluid with new tokens coming in and out off the index all the time. I believe it takes some effort to add the tokens that are eligible for the index. So the CRUSH index would be at the mercy of how frequently all the needed tokens could be added. And that brings on the issue of how do you verify eligibility on such an ever changing list of tokens? I like the idea, but I don’t think the balancer AMM type index would be the right tool for this.