[Asset List Update] Add $BNT to CC10

Hi everyone,

In light of Bancor’s deeply appreciated recent coinvestment of 250,000 $BNT into the NDX/BNT pool, I believe it’s long past time that we introduce $BNT as a potential candidate asset to the CC10 index.

There’s not much else to add here, however it’s worth noting where Bancor would fall in the asset list compared to all others. Based on the below, and if things held stable until the next reindex [four weeks from now], $BNT would be phased in.

FDVs as of the 26th April 2021 pulled from CoinGecko:

  1. Uniswap [UNI] $36,015,476,788
  2. ChainLink Token [LINK] $34,945,258,654
  3. Curve DAO Token [CRV] $9,130,696,578
  4. Compound [COMP] $6,581,634,213
  5. Aave Token [AAVE] $6,399,192,200
  6. MakerDAO [MKR] $4,033,749,485
  7. Synthetix Network Token [SNX] $3,590,477,072
  8. UMA Voting Token v1 [UMA] $2,609,271,545
  9. Bancor Network Token [BNT] $1,741,224,420
  10. Basic Attention Token [BAT] $1,705,939,486
  11. yearn.finance [YFI] $1,612,598,419
  12. 0x Protocol Token [ZRX] $1,514,160,106
  13. OMGToken [OMG] $980,044,081
  14. Republic Token [REN] $850,034,171
  15. Kyber Network Crystal [KNC] $623,949,018

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Hello Indexed Finance community! Being a Bancorian and really liking the work Indexed Finance is doing, it’s great to see both projects and communities working together.

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hi guys
i am simple guy from koh samui thailand .
i like what you doing i have all your index’s and NDX
i invest in total 10000$.
i don’t understand too much crypto .but i want to provide liquidity.
where i should put the rest could be quick swap could be uniswap
please advise
thank you erez
and if somebody will come to koh samui my house is open

Sounds good to me. :+1:

Bancor has been making alot of improvements to their protocol lately, so it’s natural to consider it .

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The proposal on snapshot has been approved. I was informed it will have to pass the on chain vote now correct? When can we expect the vote to be up? Thanks!

It didn’t reach nearly close to quorum. Whilst 400,000 votes is a “yeah this is definitely going to make it”, and slightly less than that just means “we’ll have to push for it”, 54k votes for BNT (and, for the sake of comparison, only 75k for SUSHI on DEFI5 during a vote running at the same time) is not promising.

This could be voter apathy rather than rejection of the idea, for what it’s worth. We’ll come back to this once the current wave of upgrades/new features are out and running smoothly.

Okay, thank you for the quick reply, I’ll relay that info to the Bancor community!

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