[Asset List Update] Add $SUSHI to DEFI5

Hi everyone,

Another asset list proposal: namely, adding $SUSHI to the candidate list for DEFI5.

Here’s where Sushi would fall in the asset list compared to the others:

FDVs as of the 27th April 2021 pulled from CoinGecko:

  1. Uniswap [UNI] $37,906,962,842
  2. Curve DAO Token [CRV] $6,569,470,149
  3. Compound [COMP] $6,493,124,126
  4. Aave Token [AAVE] $6,380,484,146
  5. MakerDAO [MKR] $4,164,727,068
  6. Sushi [SUSHI] $3,026,327,683
  7. Synthetix Network Token [SNX] $1,863,471,309
  8. yearn.finance [YFI] $1,655,790,044
  9. 0x Protocol Token [ZRX] $1,550,201,207
  10. Kyber Network Crystal [KNC] $632,095,298

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I’m for this. If we look at $SUSHI from a fundamental perspective it’s certainly in the league of the other current $DEFI5 components (see below some data from tokenterminal). In fact, one could argue it is relatively cheap so with great upside potential.

In addition, they are expanding quickly with a bunch of other features (lending platform, token launchpad) which further solidify the bull case for me.

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All for it! Glad we’re making an effort to keep these asset lists updated. If this were to go on-chain, you’d have my vote.

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