Deploy CryptoCurrency v2 Catagory

The current CryptoCurrency index uses a controller thats not compatible with wETH and wBTC. As we have developed a new general controller which would be compatible for sigma, we need to make an important choice. Do we deploy a replacement index for CC10 (a v2), do we create a new index (say Blue5) for exposure to these assets or just leave as we have now.

CryptoCurrency was designed for the whole Crypto space and it not having the top assets seems to make the whole reason for having the index not meet what the index was about. So for redeployment here’s my plan.

Release CryptoCurrency Top 10 (v2)
Stop all rewards for CC10
Start rewards for the new deployment
Ask users to migrate liquidity
Once TVL drops to under 50k stop showing the index by default. Maybe show under portfolio with option to migrate.


I like the idea of CC10 being more representative of the top 10, and I agree that a replacement, rather than another index, is the way to go. Would this be simply to include wBTC and wETH or would we try to include wrapped versions of the other coins in the top 10 that are not ERC20? If they even exist…I’m not sure to be honest. I would not be opposed to this either as it further serves the purpose we’re trying to achieve and removes more of the unnecessary overlap with DEFI5.

Thanks for sharing pr0.

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Agree with this. I think a replacement is best.

I don’t think we need an additional index with a similar goal and only missing wBTC and wETH.

I agree with migrating to a v2 CC10 and an option to port v1 to v2 tokens would be nice as well. I think ditching the CC10 branding for something else has bad optics associated with it so I’d like to avoid that if possible.