[draft/proposal] sigma boost realization

My english is not so good. Can someone help me to formalize proposal?
Boost is good mechanic. It creates usecase for ndx token. More ndx locked or staked=more rewards for sigma indexes staking.

There’s already a use-case for NDX, which is governance. I am not clear on how adding NDX boosting for liquidity mining rewards would benefit the ecosystem beyond taking tokens out of circulation from the market, which is really only beneficial to people’s profit margins.

Can you explain how this would be useful aside from (maybe) driving up the price?

People like to use token. I think LPs who not selling rewars should reward more. CRV CVP are successful using this mechanic.
Can we formal proposal and see feedback and votes from community?

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You can create a proposal on Snapshot, you only need 1 NDX. I think you might be best off bringing this up in the discord channel to see what other people think and then try to write up a specific proposal once it’s a bit more fleshed out. For example, why is this beneficial to the protocol beyond artificially decreasing the float supply? How would it work, and how do we split the rewards? What are some other protocols that do something you’d like to model it on?