Governance Mining

Governance Mining is the concept that a project rewards the community based on their contributions.

We plan to leverage SourceCred to gather data on the community so that we can fairly and systematically distribute NDX.

There are default configuration settings that the plugin uses to gauge how many “cred/points” to award users based on their actions.

At the moment you can view our current combined metrics from Discord, Github, and Forum
Indexed Finance SourceCred Data

On the site (by clicking the “Show Weight Configuration”) you are able to preview how changes to weightings of actions affects the amount of “cred” a user is assigned.

We ask that everyone provides feedback on how we should use this data so that we are able to offer the best and most fair rewards system.

Make sure to read the documentation on SourceCred so that you can make an informed decision.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and @dunks411 for beginning the discussion which can be found here

Cheers to the bright future ahead :partying_face:


Governance mining is a good idea. Reward ppl who contributes to discord and the forum, btw, I suggest to give more weights to those who do governance vote, eg. snapshot vote and the onchain vote. They participated the real governance vote process.


Agree, governance and snapshot votes should be taken into account as well.


I think this is a great idea and helps create a strong sense of community as well as refinement with the project. I also had not heard of SourceCred before, but seems like a great tool for this.


As long as the discussions don’t just become a stream of inane comments and replies in an effort to farm tokens, this seems like a fair proposal. Maybe there needs to be a designated, tracked emoticon everyone can use that awards negative credit to spam comments, if that’s possible to implement.


Yes, it’s possible to have different weighting based on emoticons (any supported on Discord, even custom ones - SourceCred is really cool. @JustinBlades

And that very concept (although doesn’t give “negative” credit) was proposed to Balancer’s proposal for governance mining here

Each post can be counted, but favors certain emoticon response for quality over quantity

And to combat spammers, DAO can always exclude certain individuals suspected of “gaming” the system

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I’m just curious, is there anyway that credibility governance mining can be sybil attacked? e.g. people creating a bunch of fake accounts to reward themselves?