Including NDX to index

I think we should include NDX token to index(or indexes). It will add one more usecase for NDX token. It will lock NDX from LPs. +it add liqudity to NDX\ETH pair.
I think it can be 2-8% now.

We dont have nearly enough mcap or liquidity to meet reqs. We could for the small cap index though

2nd option: replace index staking for 98\2 index\NDX staking
If u want to mine NDX, u need to have a bit

NDX does not belong in DEFI5 or CC10 as it does not meet the market cap or liquidity criteria. You can check out the criteria here:
CC category criteria
DEFI category criteria

Both require $50m market cap and $1m liquidity on ETH-NDX on Uniswap.

It’s also just much too new to put it in the same league as the tokens there now.

Re: Staking
We can’t do that even if we wanted to. The staking rewards are locked in on the rewards contracts - the factory has already transferred the tokens.

Yes, but NDX inclusion into index is like an exit fee or yearly fee. Including NDX into indexes is for my taste better than exit fee because it might appriciate … unless there are other intentions with the NDX value extraction

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I agree with Kiborg.