Listing of Blackpool Token ($BPT) in the NFTP index

Hello everyone,

With Blackpool’s team, we wrote a memo to propose the listing of the BPT token to the NFTP index.

We invite you to go through the following Google Document to read more about Blackpool:

Hopefully, this in-depth analysis of the project highlights the seriousness of the team!

Cheers everyone,
Greg :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also sitting on the Indexed Growth Committee (for full transparency)


We’ve spoken about this in separate channels, but it feels like it’s worth saying here:

I’m absolutely here for the level of detail in this proposal, and would like to see more of it going forward from projects that want to be added to candidate lists. I’ll be using this as a reference point going forward for people who ask “how do we propose things” (so please don’t go removing the GDoc!).

For those who aren’t familiar: AXS is moving its token onto a sidechain, so we want to migrate AXS out of NFTP before liquidity dries up completely - however, when NFTP was launched it was done so with exactly ten tokens (and no other candidate assets), so AXS must be explicitly replaced in the token list and reindexed.

Re. BPTs suitability: tokens such as WHALE and B20 were removed from consideration because they don’t fall under the ‘platform’ label. There’s a part of me that thinks that BPT should be given the same treatment, but with that said Blackpool’s stated goal of becoming a platform for, e.g. derivatives squeaks it into viability.

It’s down to the Sigma committee to make a decision about this as operators of the pool - although I strongly encourage the Indexed community to speak their piece, either for or against BPTs inclusion. I say this because the current Sigma committee’s term has expired: we’ll be running an effort to pick up a new committee soon, but in the interim we do still have the powers associated with the multisig.


Interesting project, thanks for the detailed overview!

Out of curiosity: How does Blackpool ensure that Troops don’t run away with the game items they manage for the protocol?


For Indexed community: Do we have any criteria for NFTP such as market cap or token longevity? I can’t find any good info, but I also know we have similar criteria for other indexes.

In general, I think Indexes should be as hands-off as possible. They’re market trackers, not investment portfolios. So if BPT fits the criteria to be included, then I’d vote for it.

There’s no longevity restriction on NFTP tokens, but - per the legacy site:

  • The token has a market cap ranging from US$50 million to US$5 billion.

This information should be shunted into the new site at some point, just a matter of finding the right place to put it.

Having said the above, I’m now aware that BPT doesn’t meet that US$50 million circulating market cap minimum (US$2.5 million at present, per Coingecko), so even if the Sigma committee was to approve, the scoring contract won’t allow us to include it.