[Megathread] Indexed Attack and Recovery Plan

Hi everyone,

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When I’ve had some sleep I’ll update this post to reflect a full summary of what has happened, with all links and resources, but I’m currently exhausted and would make a pigs ear of it.

Thank you for bearing with us: please consider this thread open already for opinions, ideas and generally a place to talk about what has transpired.


For what it’s worth the token based vault with ability to speculate on the revenue, have a free market for the compensation asset, and burn for funds seems best.

Would also propose that

  1. The DAO revenue gets allocated to repayment (the DAO has a buncha ndx to sustain doesnt need revenue for revenue sake)
  2. 500k ndx allocation as a backstop such that should ndx reach $30 we OTC, do full repayment for the $15m and go on free of any debt clouds.

I think one of the first things we should do is cancel the dNDX program and adjust the amounts we plan to send to the recovery fund. I’m personally thinking either an 80/20 split or even 100%.

Secondly, our next index needs to be an absolute banger, we need to capture TVL and get revenue flowing.
I’ve posted on @pr0’s other thread with some thoughts on the next index and how to potentially increase arbitrage revenue.

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