Moving forward: New Indexes

Starting this thread to centralize discussion about new Index ideas. I think everyone would like to see forward momentum again so let’s create it! I believe people will be excited to see new projects coming out from Indexed again, nothing beats a comeback story.

Brainstorms from the forum:

AMM Index - uni, sushi, bancor, balancer, crv, sudo, etc

Derivatives Index - Hegic, lenders, (Maker, AAVE, Compound)

Index focused on bridging - Someone pitch ideas!

FFF-esque Index, which might make sense to wait on until we have other indexes to include within it?

Im still very interested in yield bearing stables Index personally.


@d1ll0n or @Norsefire can we get an updated list of all the tokens that can have Nirn vaults created?

I think it’ll be a good idea to look at what tokens in the Nirn list would fit each Index type so we can build with that in mind.

I think the AMM suggestion is a good one and there are a reasonable list of candidates that could be included. Could CEXs also be an option? Exchange tokens are popular & large cap (lower risk) but equally I guess people won’t benefit from any of the utility reasons for holding them e.g cheaper fees.

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Will have to query the Nirn registry again in light of Cream stuff getting removed, re. the Nirn vault adapters. Pretty sure that’ll get rid of most of the dross that was in there (i.e. various LPs that had absolutely nothing by way of market). With that said I don’t think we should be saying a token should be included specifically because it has an available market, although I recognise that any token that gets big enough to be representative is very likely to have a market on a supported platform.

I think the neatest ideas so far are the idea of an AMM index, a replacement for the DEFI5/CC10, and getting something launched on Polygon natively. Once V2 is out properly, the yield-bearing stables index can get pushed out quite quick. I also like the idea of putting the name Dao Jones into place, perhaps as an index of tokens of famous DAOs (not necessarily DeFi).

Looking specifically at the AMM one, if someone has some time or inclination, it’d be neat if they could grab price and market cap data for each week going back a year or so for each of the mentioned tokens (that exist: SUDO for example doesn’t exist yet - also if you can think of any others, go off and add them too!) and share it here, simply so people can import it and tinker themselves. Either the hard way (manually) or through an API scrape of somewhere like Coingecko. :slight_smile: That’d be a valuable contribution to the DAO in and of itself!


Not an active community member here. Saw the Discord discussion and have some ideas:

Decentralized stablecoin index: MKR, RSR, FXS, LQTY. Would not be surprised if there are some others. Unfortunately LUNA is not on Ethereum…

Layer-2 index: IMX, BOBA, METIS, MATIC. Don’t know of more tokens right now, but in future I assume there will be a lot more, like ZKsync2.0.

Index for networks between blockchains (and specific purpose chains). Like LINK, NOIA, TRAC, HNT, GEL, GRT, FIL, AR. Don’t know if it’s all on Ethreum…

Other idea’s can be privacy focused index, gaming, Ethereum alternatives.

I would be a bit carefull with DeFi as there is not a lot of attention from it right now.

I like the layer 2 and network linking index ideas a lot!

Are there any minimum requirements for the tokens? Like market cap and liquidity.

Assume liquidity should be on Ethereum.