[proposal] Index of Polkadot projects - POLKNDX

I am proposing an index of promising polkadot projects. Maybe call it the POLKNDX?

Since most of the current polkadot projects are erc20 tokens, and would have a similar level of community hype/attention as the projects in DEGEN, making an index of these already somewhat related projects seems like it could be a solid investment product. The index would allow investors who believe in the overall success of polkadot (as a network/ecosystem) to secure broad market sector exposure: there is a polkadot version of most market sector projects (insurance, bridge, supply chain, privacy, off chain liquidity, defi portals, NFTs, etc).

The Sigma committee would ultimately choose which projects to include, with a general aim to fill most major market sectors. Committee would decide whether to ignore some sectors entirely or to include multiple projects within same sector. This could be done with votes, or not.

Some projects to consider for the index are below. By no means an exclusive list, just a starting point for planning (I would have put coingecko links to all these but i was not allowed to include more than 2 links in my post lol).

Energy Web Token
Nsure or Polkacover or Bridge Mutual
REEF or Linear

Other thoughts:
Notably absent are DOT, Edgeware, and KSM. As these are not erc20 tokens I understand they cant be included in indices like the rest, but maybe there is some magic the boss-level devs can pull?


I’d love to add XOR and PAID

Love this idea. I’m not too familiar with the individual projects in polkadot but would like exposure.

I’m all for a DOT index idea!

Do any of these projects suggested in this index have anything on mainnet yet?

Feels irresponsible to encourage investment into these when they haven’t even built anything yet.

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The title of this thread looked so promising. Boy was I wrong.

This reply didnt age well

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I like this a lot. Or even better an assortment of non-eth projects, some bsc projects, some dot projects, some solana, etc

An interesting idea… and probably a good one.

If the future is multichain…!! Then this is inevitable…

Other chains/ecosystems should also be considered of course …