[Proposal] Sushiswap LP Staking

Sushiswap LP Staking

Snapshot vote: Snapshot

Authors: Laurence E. Day, Dillon Kellar

What with the committee for the Sigma program all but set-up now, we’re starting to look forward to the deployment and incentivisation of community-proposed pools.

As you’re (hopefully) aware, the ORCL index is due for imminent release subject to deployment and assent by on-chain governance, with the DEGEN index due to follow shortly thereafter.

So, let’s talk about incentives.

I’m going to keep this short, since I suspect the meat will be in the discussion.

If we get into Sushiswap’s Onsen, how amenable would everyone be to using their LPs rather than Uniswap? It’d be a bit of extra integration work, but comes with the side-effect of being able to farm SUSHI in parallel with the NDX emitted from the Sigma rewards pool.

I anticipate that, given the timeframes involved, this wouldn’t be the case for ORCL (we’d still use Uniswap), but we’d have enough time to get this in place for DEGEN and other community-proposed indices henceforth. Alternately, we could try it ‘just’ for DEGEN and see how that goes.



Feel like the community pools should be able to choose the LP platform they use, but core indices should stay on uniswap as it has the largest user base, best integration and biggest brand.


Sushiswap Onsen program is a major value add for DEGEN. Anyone looking to buy DEGEN should be able to use Sushiswap or at least check liquidity between UNI / Sushi.

This makes sense for the main indices.


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agree, this is a good opportunity to get liquidity on more than one dex. Sushiswap is highly undervalued and quickly growing


Brand, userbase. These things change quickly in crypto and Uniswap may or may not be the biggest for long. Sushiswap is growing rapidly and I feel joining the onsen program adds significant roi to any LP mining and can help improve capital efficiency with releasing NDX.


In favor of Sushiswap for $DEGEN:

  • More ROI
  • Sushi also more on brand for Degens IMO :clown_face:

Onsen already has a degen aura around it so it is a fit for the DEGEN fund.


I think there should be a voting mechanism for where to launch. I have no problem with Uniswap but rather just a huge proponent of optionality and would like to see how much extra time/money/effort/governance issues it would cause to include the option of UNI VS Sushi. Because I can see where multiple index ideas would be better optimized choosing one over the other and it’s close to evenly split imo in general.

I would be very amenable to that and would add that using Sushi for community proposed tokens is just holistically consistent with the Defi ethos in general especially if it’s optional. I don’t want to ramble in long corporate buzzwords, but going with sushi at least for the long term investor/community member just a very mutually beneficial relationship.

I strongly prefer supporting and using Sushiswap personally, and while I won’t say I think it should only be LP there, I will say I’d vote for sushi over UNI if there was only one LP to start and in general I think having liquidity on SUSHI even in a multi LP situation is a good thing

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As long as the core indices (CC10, DEFI5) stay on Uniswap I could get behind this.

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Aye, I should clarify intent here - the Snapshot options refer to either not using Sushiswap at all, only trying it for DEGEN, or using them for all Sigma pools onwards. Core indices would remain unchanged.

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I agree with the above. Degen using sushiswap lp and maintain others on uniswap. Love it guys!

I agree, we should tap into the sushi LP as well. Take also into account several yearn related projects liquidity is moving most to sushi. As well for the upcoming hegic index, most liquidity of zlot is on sushi.

This integration means as well that minting can happen from tokens which have liquidity on sushi?

Extra rewards and extra eyes on the project by integrating with sushi will be good.

+1 for Sushiswap. I’m a big fan of the pro-developer ecosystem they’re building and the SUSHI rewards would incentivize more TVL in DEGEN and ORCL.

Have the devs looked into Miso? It’s a new feature of Sushiswap that’s supposed to make launching tokens on Sushiswap simpler. Not sure if it’s 100% in place yet though.

Not sure if this was decided already, but I am another person in favor of using Sushiswap for the DEGEN index. I think have others have said, it is on brand, and seems like sushiswap is really focused on innovation and think it is good to diversify where they are available.