Second Sigma Committee: Nominations Thread

Hi everyone,

If you’ve been around for long enough, you know of the existence of the Sigma Program and associated committee. If you’re new, or weren’t aware, the Sigma Program was designed to allow index products to be launched without having to go through the DAO, allowing for nimbler deployment and maintenance, as well as to enable experimentation with scoring strategies more exotic than the square-root of FDV utilised by the core indices (DEFI5, CC10 and ORCL5).

The term of the original Sigma Committee (Dillon, Lito, myself, blurr and Strategy) has expired, and even though the tokens that were initially allocated to the Sigma Program have since been folded into the wider liquidity mining program, the multisig still exists, and has the power to add or remove tokens from candidate lists and force reindexation of all Sigma pools: DEGEN, NFTP and FFF.

In the light of this shift in responsibilities (and… well, our term is over), we’d like to elect a new Committee, and to that end I’d like to gauge the interest within the DAO for serving in this role, if you like what we’re doing and want to get more involved.

In a sense, the Sigma Committee acts as viziers to Core. Your responsibilities would be:

  • Evaluating proposals for the addition of assets to Sigma pools (and more power to you if you’re the type of person who throws together reports saying why something is a good idea or not),
  • Discussing proposals for wholesale new indices and scoring strategies: the existing committee has experience in this regard, and we’re not going anywhere!, and
  • Vetting proposed transactions to the multisig Gnosis and sign, either to implement decisions arrived via the above, or more workaday administrative tasks.

We want to onboard people willing and able to do deep dives into tokens and their ecosystems, so a passion for DeFi as a sector (rather than just wanting your finger nearer the pulse to attempt to pump your own bags) is ideal. It’s important that you’re active and intend to remain so: the last thing we want is to be hamstrung waiting on signatures from people who only pop in every other week or so.

If you feel like you’re too green for this sort of role, don’t let that deter you if you’re enthusiastic: Core is very active and chatty, and more than happy to get more voices in the room, if those voices are well-intentioned. I know this full well, because my election via the community onto the Sigma Committee ultimately led to me joining Core.

I’m not going to put any end-dates on the self-nomination process yet, nor any firm statements on the size of the new Committee. Let’s see how it goes first!


This thread is for nominating members of the community to serve as members of the new generation of the Sigma Committee. You may nominate yourself or another user if you/they have not already been nominated. In any event, please give us a brief rundown of who you are and why you think you’d be a good fit. Existing members of the Sigma Committee are welcome to reapply.

Once we’ve collected a bunch of nominations, we’ll run a Snapshot vote that makes use of quadratic voting to elect members: see and this sample Snapshot for details on how quadratic voting works. TL;DR: more people voting for someone can pretty easily overcome a single large voter trying to impose their will.

Throw your hat in the ring, and we’ll recreate the #sigma-interviews channel on the Discord to grill people soon! [Pro-tip: be in the Discord!]

One last thing: it’d be preferable if the Indexed Growth Committee and the Sigma Committee had no overlap, simply to have more people involved. Consider this mild discouragement from applying to both for the sake of maximising your chances, but we won’t disqualify you outright for doing so!



Would love to support this initiative - so tossing myself in the nomination process! I have experience running diligence processes & evaluating emerging technology. Happy to be added to the interview channel for more context.



New to the community and indexed. I come from traditional finance have my CFA and work for a regulator. My background is derivatives and have been investing in crypto since 2017. I formally throw my hat in the ring and would love to contribute.



Self-nominating myself for this. I’ve been hanging out in the Indexed discord for a little while and am fairly familiar with the Indexed protocol. My background is in research (academia), but became a full-time degen a few months ago and recently joined token terminal as a data engineer.

I made a few small contributions to Indexed:

  • wrote some basic code to calculate Indexed revenues from exit fees
  • wrote a bull case for Indexed on twitter, which (taking into account the size of my account) was decently well received and possibly helped putting the word out there
  • wrote the fees section on the Indexed docs - I am a huge fan of transparency particularly in products that appeal to a broad audience

Happy to continue contributing to Indexed on my spare time.


Hello, my fellow degens,

Here is my claim to support the team’s work in building the best indexes in town.

My name is Gregoire. I’m a 26 years old Belgian living in Berlin.

I am currently the head of growth of Oiler Network (a derivative protocol to trade blockchain native characteristics if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to read into this medium post.

I have been trading since I’m 18 (FX and Commodities mostly and a bit of stock) and have been active in crypto since late 2016 when I realised that my friends were having crazy fun trading in this space.

As one can imagine, I ended up falling down the rabbit hole when they introduced me to it. I read Bitcoin’s white paper and got stuck thinking that this was one of the most brilliant things I had ever read.

At the end of summer 2020, I accepted a job in traditional venture capital, believing that this was the right move for me. But as time passed, I kept having the feeling that I was missing out.

An itch had to be scratched and this is why I ended up joining Tomasz to work on Oiler Network.

On the side of Oiler, I am still actively trading and investing in startups with a focus on Web3 and DeFi.

My strength lies in my understanding of financial assets, whether they are old or new and the connections I have made along the way.

Having three hats in this ecosystem enables me to stay on top of all the innovations happening and studying all opportunities and paths projects can take.

Being an active investor, trader, and the head of growth of a DeFi company, I’m hands-on in my investing approach and know which KPIs and metrics to focus on and which stones to flip when analysing a project.

As some might have noticed previously, I shared a memo in order to list the BPT token based on the structure/template of previous memos I conducted and believe that such thoroughness should be applied more often when it comes to listing new assets.

I invite you to go through the memo: Memo: - Google Docs

I believe that my experience as an investor, trader and enabler (builder) will have a positive impact on the Sigma committee.




FWIW, I nominate @d1ll0n. I don’t think I need to say why.

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I’ll go by FoxTheSin. I have been a lurker around the indexed community for a while. I recently went to part time at my real life job to find something else; I hope that thing can be crypto.

I’m still very green but would love a reason to dive deeper into the bowls of the crypto community.

I believe I would be good for this position because I’m hungry enough to be involved, I believe I can remain unbiased about positions/bags, I would like to write up reports on my thoughts and ideas (or at least take notes during discussions), I’m also willing to stay up very late or wake up extra early to accommodate international meetings.

I can be a bit of a goof ball but I would love to bring my energy to this community.


I’ll nominate myself this time around. I’ve been basically full-time crypto since MakerDAO was deployed. My largest Indexed holding is FFF-ETH liquidity, so I have an interest in the success of the entire project. I stay informed on the Ethereum ecosystem on an hourly basis. I am reachable, if not active, nearly all day, every day, on Discord.

I believe I could add valuable input to the discussion of sigma indices which attract new users and beat the market they package, based on my experience over time and the breadth of my exposure to the ecosystem today.



I am known to some as Champagne Pampi on discord and I have been involved with the indexed community for a few months now. I can bring an expertise with a background in analysis, physics and mathematics. I have algorithmic trading strategies on and have been learning developing front end and back end involving yield farming strategies as well, participating in a gitcoin hackathon in recent times.

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I’ve discussed this with the rest of the core team, and given the success of the Sigma program so far and the fact that the community has grown, we’re going to give up the two reserved seats that the Sigma program initially allocated to core team members. Instead, those of us who wish to join will be applying like everyone else and will not participate in the vote.

That said, here is my brief campaign speech:

As the developer who wrote all of the smart contracts currently in use by our protocol, I am probably the person with the most context on how it works and the technical details we need to take into consideration when deploying new indices or otherwise handling upkeep of the system.

I do not have any particular background in finance aside from this project, so my primary role would be in figuring out technical solutions for the committee and helping them craft transactions for contract administration calls. I would also be able to do this in consultation with the committee if I were not elected to the multisig, but I would like to have a vote in the decision making process just to ensure nothing with side effects is executed accidentally.

Thanks, vote for me please.

As a side note, I think @gregoireljda makes a great point about professionalism and due diligence. I would like to see the kind of work he put into the Blackpool listing request for our other listings and new indices. I believe that kind of scrutiny is necessary for a project handling ETF-management, and I hope additional people will step forward who have the background and expertise needed to do it properly. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m one of them, since as I said before I have little background in finance.


Hello guys,

Love the product and what you are building.

My name is Louis. I’m 32 year old French living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’m a product manager at StarkWare (One of the leading entities on Layer2 on Ethereum) and actively focusing on L2 + DeFi solutions (cf, DeFi Pooling. Bringing Scalability to Existing L1… | by StarkWare | StarkWare | Medium and more to come)

I have been in crypto since March 2016 and full-time since September 2018. I worked on the first specification of ZK-Rollup, started ZK-Global, a meetup on Cryptography and blockchain with antennas in Tel Aviv, Paris, London, Toronto, and Seoul.

I would love to participate in the Sigma committee

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Hi everyone,

The window for self-nominations is closing on Friday the 16th of July (you pick the time which is most charitable for you if you still intend to submit a nomination).

We’ll pick things up in Discord/start asking questions in these threads thereafter, with the aim of running a Snapshot vote starting at some point during EthCC.

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Great to see so many people apply.