Security and Bug Bounty Proposal

Guardian Program
This proposal will create a program to help secure the protocol by creating a program for bug bounties, establish a committee for needed security roles such as emergency killswitch and other needs. The program will be funded by NDX and possibly stablecoins for bounty and security related costs.


Guardian committee
Guardian will start as 2 needed approvals from 5 multisig, which will decide to pay out bounties and execute security roles. The committee will contain 2 core team members, 3 community members. The members will be expected to be available at any time and respond to emergency matters and help to resolve these matters as well as maintan matters confidentially until ready to be disclosed publicly.

Guardian bug bounty program
Guardian will allocate funds to bounties according to the following severity according to the CVSS 3.1

Critical - High impact, user fund loss and high probability - 10k NDX

High - High impact, user fund loss, medium to low probability - 2k NDX

Medium - High impact, user fund loss, remote probability or medium to low impact with high probability. - 500 NDX

Low - No fund loss or low fund loss with low probability. - 20 NDX

The committee will create a thorough process to follow for security researchers and bounty hunters and maintain the program.

Requested allocation
15k NDX as well as a committment by the DAO to have access to stablecoins if needed.


Feel free to apply aswell here if interested with rel experience.

Security is an ongoing concern in DeFi. This proposal makes sense and the amount of funds to be allocated seems reasonable.