State of the Index Report 8/16/2021 - ORCL5

ORCL5 Synopsis:

ORCL5 represents the top 5 market leaders bridging the physical and digital worlds of data aggregation for use in DeFi.

Current constituents:

Token - Weight - TVL

LINK - 60% - $216,482

UMA - 13% - $48,372

BAND - 10% - $36,229

ORAI - 10% - $34,161

DIA - 6% - $20,524

API3 - 1% - $4,024 - Phasing in


Token Price: $10.28 +55% (1mo)

Current TVL: $359.7K +29% (1mo)

Trading Volume (7d avg): $5K

Burn Fee’s Collected (1mo): 5.91 ORCL5 $63.94

Latest News:


  • Chainlink is now live and providing “low-cost, and high-frequency off-chain price data” to the Arbitrum network. Source
  • Chainlink and Filecoin launch joint grant initiative to “accelerate development of hybrid smart contracts”. Source


  • The “UMAverse”, a one-stop shop for viewing UMA contracts went live 8/12/2021. Source
  • UMIP’s 123 & 124 voting is open. Source
  • UMIP 380 “Add MATIC as collateral currency” goes up for community discussion Aug 16th. Source


  • Band Protocol integrates with Cronos, an EVM-compatible layer 2 chain developed by Source
  • Band deploys a full validator node on Fantom. Source
  • BAND listed on US exchange Kraken on Aug 10th. Source


  • Oraichain VRF v2.0 joins Oraichain mainnet as a sub-network with 23 executors. Source
  • Oraichain and Imba games partner on new play-to-earn NFT game “Kawaii Islands”. Source


  • Community Update #6 is released with updates on 12 partnerships. Source
  • DIA integrates with xDai chain to bring data feeds to the EVM-compatible chain. Source

*Data current as of 8/13/2021.


Good job Kuza. Want me to publish a Spanish version of the SOTI in Medium?


That would be awesome!

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