Two New Index Proposals

The first proposal:
An index of random assorted non-correlated high volatility tokens with one of the requirements that it has to be under 50m marketcap at the start and must be sold by the time it’s a 250-500m marketcap

The second proposal:
A basket of tokens handpicked by a basket of online crypto influencers/personas who the Indexed Finance team has been able to partner with. Each online personality gets 1 token pick for the basket. Depending on the performance of these influencers picks, the community can, via governance, vote in and out the influencers as well if their picks aren’t as good as others (assuming theres more influencers available compared to the max cap of tokens in the basket). It would also be helpful for someone to make a website tracking each online personas performance analytics in their picks, and the ones with the best picks get to stay involved with the index. This method needs online personas picked before hand with 1:1 ratio of persona to token basket cap (IE: 5 personalities 5 token basket).