[VA] Extending the dune dashboards


Can the Indexed dashboards be improved?


In community call #3: 17th of August 2021 there was a request for the community to help making Indexed Finance (indices & nirn vaults) more insightful by extending and building dashboards on Dune Analytics. Adding more metrics to the page of indexed itself was also discussed briefly but at the moment of writing this I can’t remember if this was planned or not.
This thread is to inquire both the team and the community to list key performance indicators (KPI’s, objective-critical metrics) and missing metrics (fancy graphs) so they can be found and created by developers or analysts easily.

But why a whole thread for something this obvious ?

For DeFi experienced developers this might seem pretty self-explanatory and missing KPI’s/metrics come up naturally. But it is tempting to assume (inexperienced) community members will build dashboards for their own information needs and a thread specific to KPI’s/metrics is a useful starting point for reference.

Where can I find the current dashboards

Right now there is the Indexed analytics Dashboard contributed by 0xBoxer (analyst for Dune Analytics) and maintained by Laurence (z dev) showing a variety of metrics. For those who are interested in dashboarding, 0xBoxer recently uploaded a youtube series where he explains how queries on Dune are written and how he built the dashboard on Indexed Finance.

Besides this, we can also see the position of Indexed in the Defi landscape on Token Terminal.

Consider ourselves lucky with the current dashboards and thanks to 0xBoxer’s youtube series Indexed Finance is a great project to start with.

There is also a dashboard to display the performance of Indexed KPI’s made by me.

@mlc2115 made a wonderful contribution with this dashboard visualizing metrics about our dividends. Which can be found here

How can I contribute

Indexed is becoming a very complicated DeFi service with sophisticated users. When it comes to defining metrics, users have different questions about their indices or vaults. For inspiration, you can look at the replies in this thread.

update (2021-08-20): Added a dashboard with just the KPI’s mentioned in the community call.
update(2021-10-06): Added dNdx dashboard


My two cents (and hoping to get involved on this as a dune guy) - the current dashboard does a good job of drilling into each index and giving basic info on how each constituent is doing. Props to @laurenceday and @0xBoxer! If there’s something missing for me, its “protocol health/revenue” angle, new products like vaults, and topline stats to encourage more investment (for instance asset appreciations since inception).

I’d be curious whats top of mind for indexed finance community. Some meta categories I would think about:

  • the index token itself, liquidity, staking, APYs, etc
  • the protocol, treasury, revenue
  • the indexes (defi5, cc10, etc) - holders, performance, liquidity (this is where the current dashboard is most fleshed out)
  • new product adoption (nirn vaults)

Each index could be its own dashboard TBH, since each is a world unto itself. It would be interesting to think about seeing indexed.finance activity (like rebalances, AUM, etc) right next to data about how each token is tracking, key metrics like inflation, productivity, liquidity.

But I’m very interested to hear what others want out of a dashboard. If indexed would use this for social/marketing/newsletter what would be the key metrics they would want to broadcast to cultivate interest in the index token, adoption of their products or even just following along for real-time alpha?


So I’m no data scientist here but I’d really like to have the following things charted for use in the State of the Index reports and other articles where we could use cool charts.

  • Index price shown against each underlyings price (Line graph, each Index, USD prices)
  • Percentage of each underlying in Indexes (Pie chart, percentages and total USD for each token)
  • Burn fee’s generated from each index. (Bar graph?, # of tokens transferred, current USD value of total tokens transferred for each index)

These are the ones I could use right away, but they’re nice-to-have’s, not must-have’s.
I think the biggest thing right now is that the 0xBoxer dashboard doesn’t even include all of the current index offerings. So bringing the current dashboard up to speed is probably the top priority.

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I’ve added a dashboard to the OP containing the Indexed KPI’s with targets as mentioned in the community call #3. It can be found here


Thank you @r00l! Aye, @mlc2115, once your diary clears up a bit I’ll want to drag you into a room with some of the more active folk on Discord to talk this stuff through and sort out how to engage you properly with this (perhaps partnering with r00l on some stuff?) and Get The Man Paid For His Work.

I think the metacategories you pointed out are a good place to start, probably in that exact order as well, since Nirn will take a while to complete audits and launch ‘fully’, and the index stuff has some content already. @Kuza has some good ideas insofar as how to buff out the index sections a bit more (and I can help with the calculations of NAV versus whatever stuff is trading for on, e.g. Uniswap).

I’m going to give you a bumped up role on the Discord to get you into a room with the more active folk, with the aim of getting stuff hammered out to pop here on the forum for posterity before actually charging off on it.

Anyone reading this, please, chip in! :wink:

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