Why did you buy an NDX index?

Why did you buy an NDX index?
  • I like the APYs
  • I like the included assets and weights
  • I want exposure to a market without micromanaging
  • I want to participate in Meta-governance
  • Other (please share below)

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After reading some ideas in this thread about driving value to NDX, I noticed we’re all interested in growing Indexed.finance AUM as there is a consensus that AUM growth will lead to NDX price growth.

So, to figure out how we can grow AUM I think it’s worth learning what made us decide to buy a NDX index. This will help inform our approaches to marketing those indexes to new users.

For me, I am but a humble farmer. I see a good APY and I am interested. What got me over the line was because I liked the included tokens in DEFI5. I believe they have good potential for appreciation but also are “safe” bets.

What has turned me into a NDX hodler instead of merc farmer though, is the potential for meta governance. I want NDX so I can have meaningful participation in the governance of other tokens.

Enough from me now, what made everyone else decide to buy an index? I’ve made a poll of some common reasons but if you have another please share it in the replies :slight_smile:

A similar poll for DEGEN would be nice…