Indexed Growth Committee Q3 Nominations

Q2 has come to an end and it’s now time to re-elect a committee for Q3 which will be responsible for identifying growth opportunities for the protocol and negotiate on its behalf.

To quote from the previous thread:

The mission of the Indexed Growth Committee (IGC) is to identify and pursue opportunities which help to grow the Indexed ecosystem. These can be inbound requests or opportunities proactively pursued by the committee. The point is: to get more people involved in the growth of the project it is crucial to have a single point of contact responsible for filtering and reviewing the work proposals.

To see what the IGC has funded and achieved in the past quarter, please read this thread.

Q3 Details
We would like to gauge the interest within the DAO for serving in this role, if you like what we’re doing and want to get more involved. Existing committee members are welcome to re-apply.

Ideally, we are aiming for a similar committee size as last quarter with myself as lead. We would love to see people apply who can bring in any of the following :

a) Motivation
b) Network
c) Marketing skills

If you would like to be part of the Committee please nominate yourself in the thread and state why you would be a good fit. If there are more than 5 nominations we will proceed with a quadratic-weighting vote via Snapshot.

Q3 Budget
I suggest the same budget as in Q2, namely 100,000 DAI and 10,000 NDX.

As mentioned in the Q2 thread, normal cycles, with the exception of the first one, last 2 quarters…

Each committee has a term of 2 quarters (6 months/one epoch), after which the program needs to be renewed by NDX governance


Dear Indexed community,

I hereby nominate myself to join the Growth Committee to help growing Indexed with my Motivation, Network AND Marketing Skills.

I’ve been working full time in the space since 2016, spent 2years at ConsenSys mainly working on a DeFi startup (VariabL ie. derivatives on Ethereum) but also got involved in Product Marketing and some consultancy work at a global level. I joined The Sandbox in 2019 to lead Marketing, Growth & Tokenomics and transformed this video game franchise into what is now a big player of the blockchain gaming space. I’ve left Sandbox late of last year to help as many early stage projects as possible, as marketer, advisor, consultant, investor and most of the time, volunteer.

I’ve been supporting multiple projects such as Cometh, Razor Network, Paraswap, Stake Capital, APWine, ReNFT, L2P.Finance and counting. I’ve also been mentoring dozens of teams via the Tachyon Accelerator, ETHGlobal, Kernel, dLab and other networks.

Since 2017, I am also part of Ethereum-France, which I’ve been running as VP for some years. We educate and unite the community around Ethereum in France by writing articles and organizing events such as meetups and conferences like EthCC.

All in all, I am quite connected in the space, passionate about all things crypto, motivated to push new projects like Indexed to the next level and I think I would be a great asset to the Indexed Growth Committee (IGC). I am willing to help build and review Growth proposals and allocate some time on a weekly basis to do so.



Hi Everyone,

It was a pleasure serving on the initial Growth Committee. I’m happy to continue on for another term and feel like I can continue to contribute to the group and the greater Indexed.Finance mission. I was able to attend each of our meetings and was responsive to volunteer requests and ongoing discord discussions.

My 2 largest contributions were probably my work with jumpstarting the subreddit to get that back going and creating a spreadsheet to help track Growth Squad spending. The expense tracking is important piece of transparency and I was happy to see it linked in the Q2 review post by Lito. I will look to develop this a bit further as it started off very simple.

As a fairly longtime member of the NDX community I see myself not so much as a marketing or development expert but more an invested community member looking to contribute as I can.

My initial self-nomination can be found here: Indexed Growth Committee: Investing in the Growth of Indexed - #15 by DBuck

I’m happy to talk in discord or DMs about any ideas you have for the Growth Committee or simply to check and see what we’re up to.



Hi there, I am somewhat new to the Indexed Finance Community but I love the project and see heaps of potential in the indexes market moving forward.

I am motivated and passionate about all things DeFi and I can be useful in terms of network effects and marketing via both my my twitter account and my discord server.

Additionally im happy to contribute creating and translating content in Spanish and I have BA and PM skills if those were needed.

I’m keen to become part of the committee so as to learn the dynamics of a crypto project in full growth mode.





I nominate myself for the growth committee.

Indexed finance caught my eye last year on CT. I am not a DeFi veteran. I invest in infrastructure, that is what I understand. I’ve been researching defi for some time now, and ndx is one of the main projects i’ve committed to.

So i’ve been facilitating a small gnosis multisig for my village, which has been LPing ndx-eth, staking cc10 and defi5 and also LP staking degen-eth. Yes, I pretty much aped in.

I understand the degen language, have had my share of scams and learned to respect the market through pain & suffering.

The reason I think I am a good fit to the growth committee is because the voice of apes & degens is not part of the status quo right now.




Hello, my fellow degens,

Here is my claim to support Lito’s work in growing this community.

My name is Gregoire. I’m a 26 years old Belgian living in Berlin.

I am currently the head of growth of Oiler Network (a derivative protocol to trade blockchain native characteristics if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to read into this medium post.

I have been trading since I’m 18 (FX and Commodities mostly and a bit of stock) and have been active in crypto since late 2016 when I realised that my friends were having crazy fun trading in this space.

As one can imagine, I ended up falling down the rabbit hole when they introduced me to it. I read Bitcoin’s white paper and got stuck thinking that this was one of the most brilliant things I had ever read.

In 2017, I finished my bachelor in law school and started building my first startup. Ultimately failed and ended up working at the UN on the topic of blockchain with a focus on SDG9 (infrastructure).

I then decided to join a business school to learn more about how to build a company, while working at the same time in FinTech and building a media focused on crypto.

At the end of summer 2020, I accepted a job in traditional venture capital, believing that this was the right move for me. But as time passed, I kept having the feeling that I was missing out.

An itch had to be scratched and this is why I ended up joining Tomasz to work on Oiler Network.

On the side of Oiler, I am still actively trading and investing in startups with a focus on Web3 and DeFi.

My strength lies in my understanding of financial assets, whether they are old or new and the connections I have made along the way.

Having three hats in this ecosystem enables me to stay on top of all the innovations happening and studying all opportunities and paths projects can take.

Being an active investor, trader, and the head of growth of a DeFi company, I’m hands-on in my approach to supporting a project through its growth and product development.

I believe that my experience and network will enable me to support rightfully Lito and the team in their work to grow Indexed’s community.

What I love about indexes, in general, is their ability to enable less technical users to have a wider exposure to more projects and therefore lower their risks.

I first read the little book of common sense investing by John C Bogle (inventor of the first Index funds, the Vanguard Group) when I was 19 and I’ve shared it with all my friends when they made their debuts in the stock market.

It’s simple and utterly brilliant when you think about it. Why even bother trying to beat the market when you can become the market?

What’s absolutely great about Indexed compare to the rest of the other crypto indexes is the fact that the rebalancing is done on-chain. Governance does not intervene and this is to my eyes one of the many reasons why Indexed is superior to the rest of the available products.

Also, when compared to the rest of the teams building Indexes, Indexed has had the best execution and ability to deploy highly demanded indexes and, therefore, enabling users to have access to more and diversified products.

For the following reasons, I think that I’d be a good fit to support Indexed’s team in their journey.



PS: Official member of the IGC 1 returning


Super cool to see you applying! Saw that you are running the Spanish edition of “The Daily Gwei”
Maybe you could help us grow our presence in LatAM :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Adam. I’m 27 and live in NYC. I was introduced first to crytop/DeFi back in Sept 2020 and to NDX in Jan 2021.

My background is in real estate finance, think traditional private equity style investment funds to buy real estate in the States, also have worked on some deals outside of the country. I was a huge cyrpto/DeFi skeptic up until I reconnected with a friend who was an early investor in Chainlink. What turned me was actually using the tech i.e., buying on Uniswap, participating as an LP in an Eth/Uni pool, staking my Sushi tokens, etc…

I have always been a huge proponent of indexing in the stock market. I am what some people call a “Bogle Head,” which is in reference to Jack Bogle who was the founder of Vanguard. His lifetime goal was to create as close to feeless indices for common people to hold. He knew that very few, if any, people are able to consistently beat the market over a 30+ year period, understood the value of compounding interest, and knew that mutual funds and asset managers on Wall Street were taking excessive fees.

That is why I was so excited when I found NDX! This is almost the culmination of his dream. Truly feeless passive investing, where there is no big-wig screwing over a small time investor, because everything is based off of smart contracts. Over a 10 year period I also think it is going to be very hard for 99.99% of individual investors to beat NDX indices and these indices will be how most people ultimately get exposure to crypto assets.

I think I can contribute a lot to the Growth Committee. I am a long-term holder of the project, have good experience in raising money for institutional investment funds, and know what it takes for new ventures to succeed. About 2.5 years ago I started my own affordable and workforce multifamily investment and development firm and am now doing that full-time. I know starting a new venture is not easy from personal experience, but can be unbelievably fulfilling.

I also think there are a ton of synergies down the road between raising money for real estate deals and doing in through NDX type of funds. It can be an easy way for people to get exposure to a pretty illiquid and prohibitive asset class. But that is a conversation for another time…

Anyway happy to answer any questions about myself, would love to help anyway I can!



Sure thing mate, count with me.

Hi guys!

My name is Federico and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a 29-year-old Industrial Engenieer that’s passionate for technology. I’ve worked as a Director in a brokerage service company since 2016, and my everyday job requires me to be involved in every sector of the firm, from dealing with clients to developing technology solutions such as websites, management systems, among others.

In 2017 I went through bitcoin’s rabbit hole and, since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about cryptocurrencies implications, studying the math behind them, their social impact, technology and everything I could learn about them. The same happened when I understood what Ethereum could do with smart contracts. Being in TradFi in a developing country with massive financial and economic problems made me fall in love with DeFi instantly, and I took it as my “second job”. I´ve also lectured at some universities, focusing in the DeFi space.

I’ll be leaving my home country and heading towards The Netherlands next month in pursue of new opportunities, trying to shift from TradFi to the crypto space (ideally DeFi). Hopefully this transition will help me to dedicate myself full time to crypto and, as a part of my plan, I want to get involved in crypto communities.

Thanks to Redphonecrypto I got into Indexed Finance, a great project that, imo, has enormous potential in this fast-growing ecosystem. Since DEGENs launch in Ethereum mainnet -and thenks to lower gas fees lol- I started investing and researching the project (skin in the game here). With Indexed presence in Polygon I managed to communicate and explain the main idea of the project to my -not so- financially educated friends, harnessing the simplicity of the project.

I’m a spanish native speaker participating in the crypto LATAM community and I´ve translated some articles for Kleros. In our firm, me and my colleagues constantly deal with educating users and onboarding people into finance, so I’ve got the necessary skills to achieve these goals, that I think are key to Indexed. With the arrival of L2 and low gas fees in the Mainnet I consider that the project has the perfect environment to expand, specially in LATAM.

In addition to dealing on daily basis with complex financial, economic and political scenarios that affect our clients investments (debt restructuring, constant changes in regulation, currency depreciation, unstoppable inflation, among others) I manage friends and family funds in crypto, so I try to understand and be part of as many projects as possible.

I have participated in some Indexed community calls -Argentinean guy talking about POAP swag- and I´d love to be considered for the Indexed Growth Committee: I’m willing to collaborate with the project by offering motivation, networking and marketing skills, managment skills, and a deep understanding of user needs.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Hope you consider me for the commitee!




Hi everyone,

The window for self-nominations is closing on Friday the 16th of July (you pick the time which is most charitable for you if you still intend to submit a nomination).

We’ll pick things up in Discord/start asking questions in these threads thereafter, with the aim of running a Snapshot vote starting at some point during EthCC.

I nominate myself as a resident smoothbrain thinker :thinking:, I have no tradfi experience apart from using Robinhood and work as a senior systems engineer for an electronic health records company to which I don’t even keep track of our own stock price.

I do like to think critically about Indexed Finance and to that end my best quality would be playing both sides of a discussion. I am a stickler for considering tax and regulatory implications (US only) and will bring it up if I believe there to be an issue. My family are CPA’s so I usually get the inside scoop on tax changes regarding crypto. I’m a mod in the discord and reddit page so you could say i’m a pretty big deal :sunglasses:.

This submission is mostly just for fun since there are much better candidates in this thread, but I’m always looking for more ways to get involved with Indexed Finance.

Hey Fede how can I get in touch with you?

Can you message me @litocoen on Telegram or Twitter?

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