New Tokens for CC and DEFI Indices

IIP x: CC and DEFI Token Update

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Just an update to the tokens for the CC and DEFI cats as they meet the reqs. The following tokens are proposed.









Please leave other tokens you feel should be included as well as a why or why not.


I would very much like to see Sushi and 1INCH as options for these pools, UNI is an anchor for them both currently but Sushi and 1INCH are catching up from behind.

I would like to see ADA, DOT, or ETH in the CC10. As of right now, the CC10 is all Defi with the exception of Link but some could see LINK as part of DEFI as well. There’s no blockchain exposure. I just dont want to see CC10 to become purely all defi plays. I get it, DEFI has been on a tear and jumping the marketcap but I would like to see diversity in the CC10 Index.


Because of the way the current contracts work - they require some onchain readable count of total amounts, any alternatives would require new contracts and functional wrappers of the underlying. Neither ADA or DOT have a functional/widely traded wrapper with any on chain volume, whilst weth doesn’t work for the market cap weighting calculations, since the cap of weth isn’t the same as that of eth.

Obviously this is something that will need to be thought about in the future, and different/more esoteric and applicable ways of weighting pools can be selected based on the nature of the underlying assets - some standard way to deal with wrappers is needed for instance. But for now it makes more sense for us to focus on what we can actually do without any fudging.

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Wanted to do wETH but requires a DAO mechanism to set total supply for an address. See the blue chip proposal for info

The current CC10 and DEFI5 are built to represent their respective categories, and I think they do a good job of that with the large-cap tokens. If one of these surpasses UNI, I’d be down to replace it. If you’re talking about adding a CC20 and DEFI10 or something along those lines, maybe at some point. But I think there is more value in providing indices that represent “sectors” of the crypto market. Like a new DEX5 that includes these, but UNI should hold the most weight.

To be clear here, @Snakers - this proposal is to simply add SUSHI, LRC and 1INCH to the categories of potential tokens to be included in the index at any given time.

If any of them reach a sufficiently high market cap as to warrant inclusion at the cost of another, that’ll then happen automatically upon a reconstitution, rather than by explicit decision.