Sigma Committee Selection Poll

This poll is for selecting members for the Sigma committee from the nominees and volunteers in the last thread.

I originally planned to do a ranked-choice poll by NDX holders, but it’s not feasible with the way Snapshot works. The top 3 candidates from this poll will be added to a Gnosis safe along with the 2 delegates from the core team, then an on-chain proposal will be made to transfer the 600,000 NDX to the timelock contract controlled by that multisig and the DAO.

Here are the nominees in the order they were nominated or volunteered in the thread:

@Norsefire volunteer

@feddas volunteer (follow up post)

@blurr volunteer

@0xBay nominated by @redphonecrypto

@litocoen volunteer

@jswigart volunteer

@Strategy volunteer

@postfiatist volunteer

Nominees who are not members of the forum are not included.

This is a multiple-choice poll - please select the 3 members you would like to serve on the committee.


I’m an NDX holder but I can vote here?

I believe you need to be a member of trust_level_1 or higher to vote

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Congratulations, we are going places!