Transfer 600,000 NDX to Sigma Committee Timelock

Transfer 600,000 NDX to Sigma Committee Timelock

Approved Sigma Proposal:

Committee Selection Poll:

On-chain Proposal:


This proposal will begin the Sigma pilot program approved by the community by transferring the 600,000 NDX to the committee timelock detailed in the original Sigma proposal.

Timelock Overview

The committee timelock will hold 600,000 NDX, and will allow the Sigma committee to allocate rewards for new liquidity mining programs.

As detailed in the original proposal, the timelock allows the Sigma committee to assign staking rewards while ensuring that Indexed governance is able to replace the committee, reclaim the allocated tokens or veto specific allocations.

The timelock allows the Sigma committee’s Gnosis safe to queue token transfers, which will be delayed for 7 days before executing. This gives Indexed governance the ability to assess allocations and veto them if desired. The timelock also allows Indexed governance to replace the Sigma committee or reclaim the remaining tokens.

Committee Timelock Contract:

Committee Gnosis Safe:

Code Review

A code review was done by Daniel Luca and Andrei Simion over the course of 3 days to evaluate the overall access control system, the committee timelock and committee proxy contracts, and some minor changes to other proxy contracts which will be used for the next pool controller.

The review found one medium issue, three minor issues and one informational issue. The medium issue involved the voting period on GovernorAlpha and user expectations about when a proposal would finish; we’ll resolve this by adding links to block countdowns on Etherscan to the governance proposal pages. The minor issues had to do with external event tracking & readability, and they were addressed with small contract updates. The informational issue was considered expected behavior and was not addressed.

The full code review can be found here:

Committee Members

The members of the committee are:

Forum Username Appointed By Address
@d1ll0n Team 0x236ECcAB8cdcfEDb099dE85c4060024bA3cE4d46
@litocoen Team 0x330F1997C9bBC66bE5f1A3B0f2F6403051Ea57Be
@Norsefire Community 0x000000000057E8ABd581828A2b40076852C0bA6E
@Strategy Community 0x2c87C3ac0DE22076eca02dB7C66938fCAcB7035e
@blurr Community 0xef764BAC8a438E7E498c2E5fcCf0f174c3E3F8dB